Tahkuranna - as Part of Häädemeeste Rural Municipality (from the end of 2017) is bordered by the city of Pärnu, with the Via Baltica Highway passing through it. As at the beginning of 2017, the Tahkuranna had a population of 2438 people. The number of people in Tahkuranna has continued to grow with the share of working age people comprising 64% of residents.

The centre of Häädemeeste Rural Municipality is located in Uulu. The centre of Pärnu is approximately 15 km from Uulu.

Uulu village covers an area of 6.3 km2 and has around 500 residents (2016) and has all of the necessary public services, including a school, nursery school, local government and the Uulu Industrial Park.

Best known companies in Tahkuranna

Pärnu Bay Golf Links: www.parnubay.com

Lottemaa Theme park: http://lottemaa.ee

Hockey stick manufacturer – Frontier Hockey: www.frontierhockey.com

Bakery Pärnamäed (Latvia):: http://liepkalni.lv/et

Yacht builder – Polar Yacht Manufactory http://polaryachtmanufactory.com

Agricultural companies Weiss and Uulu Mõis

Häädemeeste Rural Municipality

Pargi tee 1
Uulu küla 86502
Tahkuranna vald

Email: haademeeste(ätt)haademeeste.ee
Website: http://haademeestevald.kovtp.ee/kontaktid1
Phone: +372 444 8890
Faks: +372 444 8891

Building and Planning


Pärnu general information


Best known companies in Pärnu

Textile industry – Wendre: www.wendre.ee

Electronics industry – Scanfil Oy (Finland): www.scanfil.com

Electronics industry – Note AB (Sweden): www.note.eu

Metal industry – AQ Lasertool (Sweden): http://aqg.se

Construction materials – Ruukki Products AS (Finland): www.ruukki.com/


Uulu Industrial Park

86502 Uulu



Phone: +372 50 53 813

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.uulu.ee

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